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Prateek® Tapes, a part of Lalit Jain Industries Private Limited, was established by the promoter, Mr. Lalit Kumar Jain. Prateek® Tapes is over 30 year old product and serves best quality adhesive solutions.

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Filament Tapes


A self adhesive tape which has been specially designed for applications requiring a high breaking strength. This tape has a film backing and rubber adhesive. Woven glass fibers reinforce the backing, making this product extremely strong when used for heavy packaging where it can replace metal and polypropylene strapping to great advantage.

◉ For Packing of Heavy weight cartons.

◉ For Palletisizing.

◉ For Strapping.

◉ For sealing of metalcoils of pipe bundling.

◉ Widely used for cricket bat protection.