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Prateek® Tapes, a part of Lalit Jain Industries Private Limited, was established by the promoter, Mr. Lalit Kumar Jain. Prateek® Tapes is over 30 year old product and serves best quality adhesive solutions.

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Double Sided Tissue Tape

Double-sided tape is any pressure-sensitive tape that is coated with adhesive on both sides. It is designed to stick two surfaces together, often in a way which is not visible in the end product, due to it being in between the objects rather than overlaying them. This allows for neater-looking projects and better craftsmanship.

◉ Excellent quick double stick, Strong Adhesion, tear by hand, easy release liner.

◉ Good Shear Strength, excellent solvent and temperature resistance.

◉ A perfect substitute to replace glue for bonding purposes.

◉ Non-deteriorating, applicable for decoration, postal service & lamination.

◉ Various grades & Sizes available for different temperatures & surfaces.

◉ Widely used for splicing purposes.

◉ Widely used in posters, fancy boxes, envelopes and many such industry.